March 23, 2015

Full Time


Our week of labor was intense. The reception, discussion and sale were interesting. The work was understood, and the audience was receptive, valid questions were asked and hopefully answered. The dialogue of art and labor were recognized to be active elements in a contemporary conversation about the artist’s place in our society. We got to meet the phenomenal LA based artist Tim Youd who was performing a work of devotional labor at the public library in downtown KC. It was a connection I was pleased to make.

More images and text abound


February 13, 2015

Installing Full-Time

Esquina Install1

Rena Detrixhe and I are installing our show Full-Time at the La Esquina Gallery in Kansas City. La Esquina is a non traditional art space run by the Charlotte Street Foundation out of KCMO. Rena and I are going to be performing for a full 40-hour workweek in the gallery starting 2/15/15. The show will run 10am-7pm, 2/15 – 2/19, with the reception from 6-9 on Friday, 2/20. During the reception there will be a panel discussion between the artists, Art History Professor David Cateforis and Salina based artist Priti Cox. We will also be selling the fruits of our week of labor at a low-low price, so drop on by.

December 22, 2014


To know yourself, to know your personal history is antagonistic to progress.

To improve you must actively stop knowing yourself, forget everything you knew about yourself and create a clean slate of your character.

Some things might be hardwired, but acceptance of them is not a way to move past them, it is necessary to know that they do not and never did exist.

October 29, 2014

Goodbye Salina


My mission in Salina is complete. “Surrounded” has been installed and uninstalled. The project came out well and the response was positive. The community at the Salina Art Center has been nothing but helpful. The warehouse has been a spacious and wonderful space to work in. It will take some time to re-adjust to a life without seemingly infinite studio space. Special thanks to Bill North and Cassandra Smith for their flexibility and constant, albeit very different, forms of support.

October 9, 2014

Installation Nearing Completion

IMG_3835Edit Small

My time at the Salina Art Center is nearing its close and the installation that has been the focus of my residency is nearly complete. For more images of the piece in process click here.

September 17, 2014

Initial Installation at the Salina Art Center Complete


After three weeks at the Salina Art Center’s Warehouse residency, we completed the first stage of my installation in the SAC’s main gallery. I am convinced that it looks pretty good, and it will only evolve from here.

August 27, 2014

At The Salina Art Center’s Warehouse

Warehouse Post

I recently arrived at the Salina Art Center for a 10 week residency ending the first of November. The warehouse space is large and beautiful. Beautiful, at least to me, given its fantastic size and accommodations – the entire place is air conditioned, and I can drive my truck right in the door. Who could ask for a better studio?

July 30, 2014

Framed Heartbeats

_MG_0190 edit

After completing my thesis show I cut down the central wall into strips of heartbeats which I framed. These framed pieces are interesting remnants of the show. Each of the 9 panels is marked with over 4,000 hatch-marks representing individual heartbeats.

July 22, 2014

Content Online


The works section is now up and very close to current.

I also just finished this very formal commission piece for a friend, Micah Evans, and learned that I am still quite capable of complex fabrication in silver, although the process was definitely a little bit slower than would be desirable.

July 20, 2014

New Website

Thank you so much to Josh Hatcher for getting this website up and running, I’m organizing and updating content now, but until it’s all posted please enjoy Josh’s beautiful design skills.

June 29, 2014

In Our Time

In Our Time is an installation and performance. If you are viewing it outside of a performance time then you are only seeing the installation and the residue of the performers’ work.

Each performance runs for the duration of 10,000 heartbeats (approximately 2:15 hours) as marked in chalk by the artist on the central curved wall. The artist listens to his own heartbeat with a stethoscope while marking off the beats. The sound of the artist’s markings is amplified into the space behind the wall. In that space there are four discrete actions being performed. One person runs on a treadmill. The next writes down thoughts, stories or memories evoked by the situation at hand. The third person is filing a sterling silver egg at a maple workbench; both the egg and the bench were made by the artist. Lastly there is a person playing solitaire, the game of waiting.

The rock in the gallery is approximately 15 tons of Kansas limestone gathered in the months prior to the show from friends, farmers, gardens and construction sites.

For more images of the installation and performance, please visit the “works” section.